<aside> 💡 Notion Tip: Use this template to codify your growth strategy and make it actionable!


🗓 Map out what you are doing today

This is meant to be open ended, draw it up how it makes sense to you!

How do you spend your days? (meetings, heads down time, work areas)

What % of your time do you spend on each area of your role?

If you had a magic wand, how would you change that?

🪴 Where you want to grow

Think big-picture and long-term, so that you can ground your PGP in what is important to you and what direction you want to grow.

Career Drivers

What is most important to you in terms of your career growth (e.g., challenge, advancement, influence, security)?

What do you want to be known for? (your “brand”)

Career Goals

What direction do you see your career going in the next few years? If you’re not sure of where you’d like to take your career, what are some career paths or target roles that interest you or that you want to explore?