Here’s a guide prepared by Filecoin Green, describing the sustainability of Filecoin as of February 2022. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Alan Ransil: or @alanransil on Filecoin slack.

(1) Filecoin uses about 170 MW of electricity, which is about 0.7% of Bitcoin’s electricity use and about 1.4% of Ethereum’s. (Updated 4/29/2022)

(2) The energy used to run Filecoin is not wasted: it is used to contribute storage capacity to the network.

(3) Storing data on Filecoin currently uses about 173% as much energy as storing in a typical data center (April 2022) and the energy efficiency improves as the network grows.

(4) We are ramping up our ability to help build new solar generation, including a $38M fund to build new solar projects in the US, to produce at least as much renewable energy for the grid as the network consumes.

(5) We are connecting Filecoin to renewable energy markets, and aim to source more renewable energy than the network uses by the end of 2022.