Join us for two weeks of climate action on EcoSpot!

Head to to register and join your team before 28th October. You'll then be emailed an access code and a link to the platform on 1st November.


What is EcoSpot?

EcoSpot is a platform for community-led climate action, by taking part in fun interactive challenges it helps people take easy steps towards more sustainable living.

On the platform we'll join together as a community to take small steps towards greener living for two weeks. There will be fun challenges that encourage sustainable behaviours around our food, travel, waste and energy use. With individual and team leaderboards, everyone's actions will count, on top of this 50 trees will be planted by the Eden Reforestation Projects every time we complete a challenge together. Compete to be crowned the greenest team at Brent, do a little bit to reduce your carbon footprint and help us earn real trees!

What's happening?

Two weeks of fun and interactive green challenges. Compete to be crowned the greenest team, do a little bit to reduce your carbon footprint and help us earn real trees!

When is it happening?

Challenges will begin on 1st November for two weeks. In Week 1, a new challenge will be released each morning on the platform. During week 2, we'll have time to complete as many challenges as possible.

How can I take part?

We're splitting up teams into service areas and each team can have 38 team members taking part in the challenges, claim your spot on the team by registering on this webpage! You'll need to register your interest before 28th October, but we recommend doing it as soon as possible. On the 1st November, you'll receive an email with an access code and the link to the platform. From there you'll be able to create your account and start taking part in the first challenges!

How hard will the challenges be? Will they take up a lot of my time?!

Don't worry! The challenges are designed so everyone can take part in as many as possible - whether you're just beginning to think about living a bit more sustainably or you've been doing this for years. Each challenge is focused on creating greener habits as part of the things you already do everyday, and you'll be able to take part whether you're in the office or working from home.