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Always act in EcomExperts best interest.

Office environments are often places where personal or department interests are prioritized over company interests. This leads to office politics, favoritism and bad decisions.

We’re a professional sports team not a family.

As the team's coach I have one role - find the absolute best players for each position in order to win the championship. Dismissing underperforming members of the team is a crucial element in order to achieve this. Don’t be fooled however, dismissing under performers is crucial for everyone involved.

Working at EcomExperts you have my word that you will always be surrounded by the very best. In return, I ask from you to be the very best as well.

Only hire rockstar.

We are looking to hire people that can do more than anyone thinks possible with less than anyone thinks possible.

Less is more.

It’s easy to make something complex but it’s incredibly hard to make something easy. Strive to keep things easy. We strive in limiting our rules to these ones. Nothing more nothing less.


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