Collaboratively developing the answer to β€œWhat is ReFi?”

<aside> 🀝 We are coming together to create a set of interconnected materials that explain what ReFi is and does. Once completed, anyone asking the question β€œwhat is ReFi?” can find the answer to that question first in the most simple terms, and then with a clear path of increasing complexity, providing the most curious among us the ability to dive as deep as they desire.


Primary deliverables

Industry Report - β€œThe State of ReFi 2023” a 15-25 page PDF that explains key concepts, organizations,

Visuals - Graphics, illustrations, slide decks, or info-graphics that provide context

One Pager - Executive Summary / overview of the key benefits, concepts, activities & structures of ReFi - executive summary

Maps & Docs - an aggregation of ecosystem maps, gitbooks, whitepapers, and articles - curated resources

Meeting Recordings

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