<aside> 📄 Here is a summary for content-creation purposes. Both the whitepaper and a litepaper with more specific details is being worked on, and will be released in the near future.


Launching the future of finance.

A modular launch and liquidity solution that revolutionises token launches, supporting innovation on Cosmos IBC and beyond.

  1. Eclipse Pad offers a comprehensive modular solution for token and liquidity needs, with the ability for projects to customise their launch based on their distribution and liquidity requirements.
  2. As the first launchpad for the Cosmos Ecosystem, Eclipse Pad enjoys the advantage of being well-positioned to capitalise on the anticipated boom of the Cosmos ecosystem, driven by innovative IBC technology and the appchain narrative.
  3. Eclipse Pad has established strong connections and partnerships in the Web3 space, as well as in Web2 incubators and entrepreneurial programs, opening doors to launch Web2 companies looking to build in Web3.

Not just a regular launchpad

Eclipse Pad takes a unique approach to addressing the core challenges of token distribution and launching.

By drawing on existing models, Eclipse Pad incorporates modularity and encourages experimentation and innovation, fostering research and development of new modules and improvements to the launch process.

Here are some highlights of the model and technology:

  1. Eclipse Pad offers a range of modules to facilitate token launching and liquidity bootstrapping, including IDO, lockdrop and LBAs (which was pioneered by Delphi Digital), DeFi NFT modules, and more.
  2. With its DeFi NFT technology, Eclipse Pad enables the trading of locked and vested positions on a secondary market. This approach brings liquidity to previously illiquid positions, opening up a new realm of potential derivatives trading and lending markets.

Modular Flow (1).jpg

Modular Flow (4).jpg

Eclipse Pads’ vision is to revolutionise the token launch model by creating a thriving ecosystem that fosters launch innovation, enables seamless access for users, and ensures deep and stable liquidity for token launches.