What gets measured gets managed.

Create awareness of the affects of building material specification using the Lifecycle Carbon App. Benchmark your project’s concept to estimate impact.

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What is Embodied Carbon?

According to McKinsey, “Embodied carbon consists of all the GHG emissions associated with building construction, including those that arise from extracting, transporting, manufacturing, and installing building materials on site, as well as the operational and end-of-life emissions associated with those materials.”


Where is the Carbon data sourced?

The Footprint Company’s purpose is to enable the property and construction industry to deliver Net Zero Carbon by 2040. 50% of the climate change challenge is solved by reducing the embodied carbon intensity of all buildings by half, by 2040.

Our passion is demystifying embodied carbon – curating with simplicity the best carbon data available and delivering it to you at the point of decision. Our mission is to empower designers to deliver low carbon design excellence and innovation. We do this by reducing the cost and complexity of achieving Net Zero carbon design, synthesising the latest research, and delivering it in a way that is simple to understand and ready-to-use.

So what is significant about The Footprint Company?

Their data is the cleanest, most accurate, and most defined in the industry. It comes with:

With Giraffe's integration with The Footprint Company's deep dataset, you can bring the best data into the workflow early  - where the design decisions are being made that impact the feasibility of the building.

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