More than 60% of employers plan to expand the use of hybrid working.

What is government policy?

Northern powerhouse -

Rishi Sunak - - said that employers should reopen their offices

but he said that it was for young people so they could get to know their colleagues + get mentors

what is clear from glass door - young people don't want to be completely remote but they also don't want just office based = hybrid working

When Sunak warned that employees might "vote with their feet" = he's right + it looks like they'll vote to leave employers that don't offer flexibility

Rishi Sunak's comments highlight one section of opinion in business , the. most extreme of which is Goldman Sachs CEO ——-

However, most recognise the importance of learning from others and team building (which is why organisations such as —- ahve been emphasising their wellbeing programmes so much) + some level of physical interaction in order to build relationships as John Gilligan, with 20 years in business + Director of Said Finance Lab highlights

Rishi Sunak's comments aren't too important = government policy looks to be, as John Gilligan recommends, to allow companies to come to agreements with their employees about it

What protections/new legislation will need to be put in place in the future? - from current gov it is unclear

Michael Leftley, head of employment and immigration at Addleshaw Goddard = need more legal protections for remote working