Hiring is crucial to the success of any company but it is hard to get started and to get it right consistently. Bad candidate experience damages employer branding. Mis-hires demoralize the team and put the company’s future in jeopardy.

Our team at Fair Engine helps companies hire faster and with more confidence while delivering a great candidate experience. Our team works closing with your founding team to analyze your recruitment funnel, your best- and mis- hires to optimize your recruitment process. We also coach your interviewers and hiring managers on how to best evaluate candidates via one-on-one training and shadowing in their live interviews and decision-making meetings.

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Thomas Pun Founder

Fair Engine came out of Thomas' own learnings from scaling teams at different companies of various stages in San Francisco and Asia.

He started his engineering career at Apple and have since worn different hats from founding a Y Combinator-backed startup to growing Stripe's adoption in Hong Kong to scaling the team at GoodNotes. He also has the honour of working with passionate startup founders as their advisor since 2012.

Our Process

There are two main goals of our engagement. The first one is to enforce systematic hiring by defining the necessary attributes to be evaluated on every candidate. The second goal is to deliver a great candidate experience by training up your interviewers to conduct bi-directional and intriguing interview sessions.

1. Analyze past hires and research for new roles

We analyze your previous best- and mis- hires in your company. We also do a 360 interview with all the members working closely with this role to understand what it takes to be successful in your company. If the role is new to your company or to us, we conduct additional research from industry experts (at no additional charge to you) to discover hidden but necessary attributes that separate a great candidate from a good one.

2. Define required attributes

Based on the analysis and research, our team works closely with your cofounders and your senior team members to define the necessary general and role-specific attributes needed to make a successful hire. General attributes are ones that are required across all team members and are generally focused on the soft skills. Role-specific attributes are soft and hard skills needed for this particular role.

3. Suggest question banks and hands-on challenges

Once the attributes are defined, our team designs a list of questions and hands-on challenges optimized for the specific attributes. We also provide a grading rubrics to ensure a consistent evaluation of the candidates' responses.

4. Training interviewers and decision makers via shadowing

Interviewing others is not natural for most people but this skill can be learned. The best interview experience should be natural, bi-directional, and most importantly intriguing. Our team shadows your interviewers in live or recorded sessions and provides feedback on how best to gather unbiased insights on the candidates' strengths and weaknesses. Upon request, our team will also shadow in hiring decision meetings to provide guidance to your decision-makers on the candidates.

Our Deliverables