Jellow Octopus has the vibe that comes when you step into a candy store. Its color, its concept, and even its design. I assume it must be created by a young soul. Talking with Jellow that day was an actual confirmation.

He enjoys being called Jellow as well, so that's what I'll address him afterwards. Jellow is a Thailand artist with a background in photography before immersing himself in this NFT art industry.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

"Before the pandemic, I was a full-time photographer - and I decided to explore more on NFT, not only for the artwork design. This industry serves variant categories of digital art. I'd figure it might help in the long run.

I graduated as an architect in product design. After graduation, I've worked in a design firm for likely 8 years. I love to draw as a hobby, but I never got a chance to work on it as a job."

What forms the Jellow?

"Jellow Octopus is a collection I created 6 years ago. It was firstly for my Facebook page. The idea was only to make more animation based on the Jellow theme. I wanted to tell a story. I'm down for unique character and colorful art.

Life was boring while you had a daily job and did the same thing over and over again. People might get stressed with their own situation. So when I had the chance to create some characters, I tried to imply cuteness into them.


I want it to be happy and express joy to others - Characters that can do silly stuff that I can't do in real life. The name Jellow was a mix of jelly and yellow. It bounces and lights up the day with its color."

What was the idea behind the Jellow Octopus collection?

"Firstly, I love octopuses. It's obviously a weird creature. You may look at it as a cute one, and 1 second later, it turns creepy. The shape of the octopus gives many perspectives that you can play with your creativity.

Second, the yellow color. It lights up your day. Then I want it to be funny and reflect the bouncing part, so here comes the chubby trait.

And last, the emotion. I'm a cat person. I want something that looks cute, but it must depict a deeper thought inside. A cat might act and look pretty - but you can't guess what's inside its head. Their inner self might be planning something - like the genius mouse in Pinky and the Brain. So I started applying it on the Jellow and ran with it."

Currently, the whole collection is featured on OpenSea.


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