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About Dovetale

Dovetale helps Shopify stores recruit, manage and grow sales with people who love their products.

The Deal

If you tuned into the eCommerce Fastlane podcast, we'll give you 3 free months of unlimited access to the Dovetale Community features.

How to Redeem

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How does Dovetale work?

Recruit & qualify influencers

Build and launch an influencer marketing program with a customizable application page (examples), widget and surveys.

Easily send & track gifts

Send products to influencers in your community. Give recipients the option to enter their shipping address, choose sizes, colors and more. Learn more on YouTube.

Track sales from referrals

Share custom discount codes and generate referral links to track sales driven by your community of influencer partners. Learn more on YouTube.

Shopify Merchant Case Study

Learn how Terez launched their Community and drove $20,000 in sales in 1 month.

Case Study: Terez

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