Log in or create an account

To log into the Easee portal you need an Easee user account. The user account in the portal is the same as the user account in the Easee app.

If you already have an account in the Easee app then log in with the same one here.

If you do not have an account then → Create a new one now

  1. Fill in your persnal details
  2. You will receive an sms to activate your account.
  3. Activate your account.
  4. You are now ready to log in!

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Basic navigation in the portal


After logging in you can either go to My page or Manage charging sites.

My page

When you are on My page you can make changes to anything related to yourself or to manage the products you have access to as a user. All things under "My page" are your personal things.

Manage charging sites

When you are in the "Manage charging sites" section of the portal then you can manage the sites you have access to. If you are an Service provider or administrator managing several sites and several chargers then all the sites you are managing will show up here.

What´s new and Quick settings

In the top right you will find information for any new releases to the portal and the major changes introduced in the new version. For detailed changelogs, you can go to the public changelog.

In addition you can access the quick menu from the top right menu. In there you can quickly change the language, change the theme, provide feedback or log out from the portal.

Users & Roles

When added to a charging site you can have one of the following roles:


As the owner of a charging site you have the highest access level possible for a user. You can manage other administrators, users and the site. You can modify and alter all settings for the chargers and for the site.


As an administrator on a site you have access to most settings on a management level. You have been given access to the site as an administrator by the owner of the site.

See more detailed information on how to use the portal to administrate your charging site(s) below:



Using the portal as an administrator or owner