Who can I text with Mav?

We built Mav to make communicating easier for both you and your clients, you can use May the Mav Playbooks to communicate with anyone who has given you proper consent.

What’s expected of you?

When you add a new lead into Mav to run a Playbook, it is expected that you follow applicable regulations surrounding text marketing. To learn more, a great start is the CTIA guide. You are responsible for ensuring that you have secured consent of any leads entered into Mav.

What’s the gist?

The key for text marketing is to obtain express written consent. Just because someone has given you their number and/or you’ve had a previous business relationship, texting them without express written consent is against the law.

What’s express written consent?

This is direct permission to receive communications given by someone on paper or electronically (website forms, recorded voice, etc). To learn more, consult the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

How do Mav Playbook’s work?

When you add a new lead into Mav, they will be sent a one-time message asking for a response. If a positive response is received, then the automated two-way conversation will begin. If a negative response (including “STOP”) is received, then the conversation will not continue, and the user will be opted out from receiving future Mav messages.

Is Mav available for legal advice around texting?

When you add a lead via our Mav Inbox, you are assuming responsibility for ensuring you have appropriate consent. By using Mav, you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for all acts or omissions or violations of law that may occur in connection with your use of the Mav platform. We recommend you direct any legal questions to an attorney of your choosing.

What happens after someone opts out via Mav?

They have revoked their consent, and you are responsible for recording and respecting that moving forward via other potential call/text marketing channels. Mav has opt-out triggers that can share this information to other systems.