<aside> ℹ️ One of the most frequent questions we receive about the Single Edge is "how does it shave compared to my ___?" Whether you are a seasoned wetshaving veteran or have used convenience store plastic razors, the Single Edge is for everyone. Today, we compare it to a traditional DE razor.


When it comes to traditional wetshaving, most enthusiasts think of the DE razor (short for double edge) as the standard. A DE razor is exactly how it sounds: it has two cutting edges for shaving on both sides of the razor. While it is an excellent tool for wetshaving once the technique is mastered, there are many advantages for using a Single Edge razor instead.


What makes the Single Edge different?

There are a few main differences between the Single Edge and a DE razor: the blades, weight, the customization, and the mechanics. Some are more obvious while others are what provide that comfortable, close shave we're all looking for.


First, the Single Edge has only one cutting edge rather than the two of the DE. I know what you're thinking, "Duh." Moving right along.

But, let’s talk a little more about the blades. Double edge safety razor blades are thin and flimsy. This creates what’s called “blade chatter” when the blade moves across the skin. Because the blade is thinner, it is more likely to catch on thicker hair and then make a quick jump forward as it bends back into place. Imagine the blade skipping across your skin. The chances of the blade nicking and cutting your skin only increases with a thinner blade.

Our blades are twice as thick as double edge blades. They’re just as sharp, if not sharper than a double edge blade, and sit securely in the razor. Blade chatter is almost nonexistent with the Single Edge. Our blades just glide across your skin and sweep away the hair as you shave.



Finding the proper angle of the blade in DE razors is nowhere near as intuitive as our Single Edge. Most DE razors require you to hold the head of the razor against your skin at a 30-degree angle, making for an awkward and difficult angle to work around your jawline and your neck.

Our Single Edge is designed with the proper blade angle built into it's actual design. Just lay the Supply logo on the head of your razor flat on your skin and go. You may need to tilt back towards you, about 10-15 degrees, if your razor is not sweeping the hair and shaving cream away without any residue left behind.


The weight of the Single Edge is one of the most noticeable differences you will see when you first pick it up - and that was intentional. The weight is there to remind you that you never have to press down during your shave. Unlike other razors, all you need to do is allow the weight of the razor to sweep away the hair with light, short strokes. It'll do all the work, minimizing friction with your skin!


Every man is unique, and so is his beard. That's why we've created a razor that is adjustable to match your unique shaving needs, and why we now offer two Single Edge versions: the SE and the Pro.

Supply5403 2.jpg

The SE has a single shave setting, but it is perfect for almost every type of shaver out there. The NickStop™  technology includes 16 precision fins that push the skin away from the blade while simultaneously guiding the hair to the blade. Getting started with a safety razor has never been easier or more intuitive.