About Magpie

We are a growing team of crypto-passionate people who have been building in DeFi since 2017. We believe that the future is cross-chain, which is why we are developing Magpie Protocol: a solution to swap crypto assets efficiently between any chain, without the need to use bridges. It also is non-custodial, chain-agnostic, allows interaction with popular DeFi apps and benefits from aggregated liquidity.

Magpie is a close-knit team of diverse individuals that share a strong drive to be a part of the future of blockchain. The team works remotely around the world, with a gathering point in Dubai where the co-founders are located. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, someone is working along with you! Magpie offers competitive salaries, bonuses, two team business trips per year and the possibility to earn equity in the company.

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Job Positions

Life at Magpie


Dubai is the place to be...You will be given a company sponsored annual tour of Dubai city

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20 paid vacation days <> Time off


Shaping the future of how people interact with financial systems built on decentralized, fair and universally accessible technology.


Building cross-chain infrastructure and services that offer a simple, efficient and secure way to trade, invest and transact within DeFi.

We are building the future of Swapping assets efficiently across any chain


DeFi is the very foundation upon which a fair, trust-less and inclusive global economy is being built. Our purpose is to contribute to building this universal financial system, more specifically, shaping/transforming how people trade, invest, transact or interact with this financial system.


Simplicity, Efficiency, Integrity.