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Why join us?

If you care about helping people become financially successful, there is no better place for you to do your life's most impactful work.

By joining us now, you'll be getting in on the ground floor. You'll be at the very core of our company, working directly with the founders and playing a key role in shaping our future.

As the company grows, you'll be able to grow into whatever role best fits your strengths and ambitions - the sky is the limit!

Read on to find out about what we're doing and why it matters.

Background - where we're coming from


DeFi technology promises to fix that. DeFi's goal is to deliver a radically more equal and efficient financial system.

However, the user experience of DeFi is very rough. It's a jungle of exotic lingo and many unsafe projects. And users have to struggle with wallets, exchanges, and blockchain bridges. The experience is bad.

Enter Stablegains

Stablegains makes earning with DeFi simple and safe for consumers and businesses alike.

By developing the right products, we can bring the best and safest opportunities from the weird and wonderful world of crypto to regular people.

We’ve already built a simple personal savings tool (see stablegains.com) powered by Anchor, a DeFi lending protocol.

As a user, you deposit dollars from your bank or crypto wallet, and we place them with Anchor on your behalf, taking care of all technicalities.

In future, we plan to become like Vanguard, but for DeFi. A trusted, simple place for people and businesses to reach their financial goals, powered by DeFi.

Our story so far