What is a Capture?

Captures are the foundation of OnLoop. It's a way to quickly Capture wins and frustrations in-the-moment, easily tagged, so you don’t forget them. Select Celebrate, Improve, or Goals, jot down your feedback, select your tags (we recommend as many as are relevant), then save and share on your terms.

Can I delete a Capture?

Yes, as long as you haven't shared it yet! To do so, you need to click on the Capture, tap the trash can icon in the top right, and confirm by hitting "delete" on the pop up.

Can I do a voice Capture?

You can use the microphone dictation via GBoard, but for a Voice Memo - not yet, but let us know via "Feature Request" in the hamburger menu if this is something you'd want!

How will I know when to Capture?

  1. Celebrate: when something someone did impresses or delights you; when someone does something that makes you grateful to have that person on your team

  2. Improve: when something someone did makes your day harder; when a small change in the way someone does something could make them even better

  3. Goals: when you or a direct have something clear to work toward, often set at the beginning of a time period (start of a quarter, starting a new role)

What is the right Capture cadence?

It's up to you and what works for you and your team, but see some suggestions below:

  1. Daily: anything worth Celebrating or Improving!

  2. Weekly: at least one Capture per direct per week

How can I build the habit? For myself, for my team?

Here are some ways to build the habit for yourself and your team:

  1. Share Captures back out externally via Slack or Teams or any other surface where your Team lives!

  2. Role model the behavior by sharing Captures out to your team. According to Harvard research, the [ideal ratio] of positive to negative feedback is 6:1.

  3. Tie OnLoop to a regular event like before or after coaching. New habits are more likely to be adopted through [habit stacking.]

  4. Build 15 min “Capture Storms” into the Team Calendar. Make time for reflection so it doesn't feel like added work. [Repetition] is key!