Unable to sign in and fubo.tv/connect ****a prevalent error that many people face when launching their face. If you’re also facing this error, keep reading till the end. We will help you with the steps and help you understand how this error can be resolved, and you can access and watch FuboTV on your streaming device.

Firstly, there are two options to sign-in or login on FuboTV. Activate your FuboTV by clicking on fubo.tv/activate. You will get this option of fubo.tv/activate after you successfully login on to your device. If you remember your login credentials, log in with your email id and password and launch fubo.tv/connect on your streaming device. However, if you don’t remember your credentials, you can even sign in with an activation code.

All you’ll have to do is fubo.tv/connect enter code to log in successfully on your device. To get the code, you can visit fubo.tv/connect on your TV/ phone/ computer/ laptop and check the code that is being displayed there.

Enter the same code while logging with code. If the fubo.tv/connect enter code is correct; it will successfully lead you further and launch the application. However, if the code has expired or is not working, you will have to refresh and enter a new code again to fubo.tv/activate.


If both of these steps are not working, you must check for the updates available for your application. Make sure your app is up-to-date and your device meets all the minimum requirements to access the app. Just update the app and check if the code is working again. In most cases, there is always an update error, which gets resolved after you’ve successfully updated it. Try fubo.tv/connect enter code or log in with your credentials to launch the app.