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Nouns is an open standard for generative art. Because all artwork was released under the public domain and the code is open source, artists and developers are free to build use Nouns in any way they want. Nouns is just as much yours as it is ours.

Better yet, since 100% of the proceeds from the daily auction go to the NounsDAO, the treasury is ready to fund projects that help proliferate Nouns onto the world.

This is an open invitation to artists and developers to build on Nouns - we'd like to fund you!

What ideas would the NounsDAO consider funding?

Nouns Grants Program

Project requirements


Applications are encouraged from both team and solo creators. Every application should clearly state the following:

How to apply

<aside> 💡 The objective of the application process is to get the proposal on-chain and get vote approval from the NounsDAO members. Prior to that, every step of the application process is a way to get feedback from the community to raise the chances of getting approved on-chain.


Informal proposal