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            [E11EVEN HOTEL RESIDENCES](<https://www.notion.so/E11EVEN-Hotel-Residences-6be92434e3d1408d8f0da738039bcafc>)

Here at E11EVEN® Miami Residences Beyond you will be able to live like a Madonna, a Hugh, or a Mark (Cuban that is) and also capitalize on your purchase with access to a VIP Executive Level Residential Extended Term Charter program.

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            [Lofty Short Term Rental Condo](<https://www.notion.so/Lofty-887247cbb65d4991aea0dabec91d9575>)

Miami has very few new developments now allowing owners to rent out through airbnb, thus these new developments are very popular. It's high end amenity and gold location in the heart of Brickell with ocean and river view.

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               [Italian Baccarat Residence](<https://www.notion.so/Baccarat-d6f431242375472ea5021d56e2fab8e9>)

Baccarat Residences Miami introduces the city to one of the most prestigious luxury hotel brands in the world. The three towers will feature 57, 77 and 82 stories. Baccarat offers 360 residences. As new construction tends to increase in value during the cycle of sale, we’re bringing our members a group flip opportunity to take advantage of a locked-priced 2b 2b unit with Baccarat.