Last but not least, viability addresses the questions whether a product idea will actually work for the business, so is truly a great idea for the company to develop.

Align with Stakeholders

It is a responsibility of Product Management to align with all stakeholders on the relevant constraints such that a product idea, once implemented, will not harm the business. There's hardly any formal framework or sophisticated tooling for that. Rather, in most cases it boils down to involving them early on during Product Discovery and, thus, achieve a close alignment in which any unwanted business impact would quickly be identified.

The main stakeholders typically are:

Business Value Estimation

Assuming all of the above stakeholders agreed and there is no viability risk, whether the product idea will actually be profitable is another question. Of course, there are highly advanced frameworks for calculating return on investments — but as much as Product Discovery is about reducing uncertainties and removing risks, as much a ballpark estimate is often enough. Specifically in B2B environments, the following schema often provides enough guidance: