🌎 World has undergone a tremendous change over the last 10 years. Two innovations that have emerged as Macrotrends over this period that have had a major impact on the way people behave are:

Their relevance and prevalence has only grown with onset of global pandemic. Unfortunately this has also created/widened the gulf between how people communicate with each other vs. how businesses communicate with their users. Go to any business online and the chances are that they are still hanging on to the old ways of connecting with their users(A study coming soon, subscribe to newsletter). They would be asking you to fill in a long form or ask you to call(Yes, in 2020).

This dynamic is bad for any kind of business, but can be a death blow for a SaaS business where acquisition costs are high and your competitor is a just a click away.

Conversations can help you take control. Conversation or "Conversational Growth" can help you make the interactions you have with your customers and prospective customer, Intuitive and Powerful. They help you leverage the power of real-time conversations to move your customers faster through your various growth loops on their terms.

<aside> 💡 Warning: Don't just implement "Conversations" using the first/cheapest solution you come across without first understanding what is at stake,


The core guiding principles of Conversational Growth are different from your traditional marketing dynamics and it is important to understand them deeply.

Different ways to model Conversational Growth.

Although guiding principles are good to know they are not sufficient to execute on world class Conversational Growth strategy. You need models. Now of-course with "all models are wrong but some are useful" caveat take what you can from few models that we have found to be extremely useful w.r.t Conversational Growth.