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How to manage debt with Stepsize

Track debt while you work

Debt reports help your team understand where debt is, and how severe it is.

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Tech debt reports

Organise reported debt logically

Debt items describe the root cause of problems ⇒ Link all related debt reports to a debt item to measure its severity.

Debt groups represent domains in your codebase ⇒ Understand where debt is costing you most, at a high level.

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Tech debt items

Tech debt groups

Prioritise debt based on business priorities

Deliver your product roadmap at pace ⇒ Is your team losing time in parts of the codebase where you want to add features? Prioritise that debt.

Improve product quality & reliability ⇒ Work your way through the list of debt items causing the most quality issues of the highest severity.

Need to convince leadership? ⇒ Make a compelling case for a technical initiative with a proposal backed up by empirical evidence & endorsements from your peers.

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Deliver your roadmap at pace

Improve product quality

Making the case for technical initiatives

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