🗓️ 2017 – 2018

🖥️ Funsize, Austin TX

Table of Contents


Banter was a social podcasting app created in parity with Steve Krenzel and James Reggio. Avid podcasters both, they felt the medium was lacking any social construct between topics, publishers, and listeners. They aimed to create a platform where users could share not just full episodes or series but also snippets of conversation that could lead to new podcast discovery.

Over the course of 3 months we started at the whiteboard and wrapped up with an insane amount of motion and ready-to-impliment design specifications.


After workshopping with Steve and James and landing on the initial feature set, I took to wireframes to create cohesive user flows and to illustrate the core experience.



Conceptual Design

I gathered input from the clients about visual styles they gravitate towards vs. deterred from. I opened up this process to the full studio and there were some incredible explorations.