This contract is between Liberate Science GmbH ("us", "Liberate Science") and the signing supporting member ("you", "supporting member").

Supporting members must sign this agreement to participate in the Liberate Science Membership Area (hereafter "Membership Area"). When supporting members are mentioned in this contract, it refers to all active supporting members who have signed a version of this contract with us and have access to the Membership Area.

The aim of the Membership Area is accountability. Decisions and results of voting procedures are non-binding, except where this contract states otherwise.

Whenever Liberate Science is mentioned throughout this document, it refers to the (board of) director(s) of Liberate Science.

The contract is valid after signing by you for the duration of your active supporting membership, as defined by paying membership dues to us.

1. Obligations

1.1 You agree to not register any additional supporting membership accounts, while your current supporting membership is active.

1.2 You agree to not disclose information about other supporting members without their consent.

1.3 You agree that you may share information about the discussions that happen within the community governance body, but you agree to not share who made any comment.

1.3.A You agree to respect any notices of explicit confidentiality. Supporting members may designate any information that they share as "confidential", "secret", or other terminology denoting it's circulation is limited to the Liberate Science Membership Area.

1.4 You agree that you may disclose information shared by Liberate Science, unless it is marked confidential, secret or in a similar way.

1.5 You agree to be included in current and future platforms, mailing lists, and other community governance channels.

1.6 You agree to the Liberate Science Code of Conduct (Annex A) and procedures outlined in it.

1.7 You agree to participate in the community governance under your legal name.

2. Assertions

2.1 You assert that you have no additional supporting memberships under the same name or other names with us.

2.2 You assert that you participate in the community governance in your personal capacity and not as a representative of another legal person, nor on behalf of any other person or organisation.

3. Rights

3.1 You have the right to request specific information from Liberate Science, pertaining to information that has not yet been shared within the Membership Area. This can include, but is not limited to, operational statistics (e.g., finances, registrations). These requests serve the purpose of transparency and accountability of Liberate Science to the supporting members, comparable to freedom of information requests.

3.1.A The request does not need to be justified by the requester.

3.1.B Liberate Science must provide a response in the Membership Area within four (4) workweeks upon receipt. We may announce a delayed response before the end of those four workweeks, to a maximum of eight (8) workweeks after the request was received.

3.1.C Requests may be denied with justification (e.g., previously answered, lack of specificity, privacy objections, not enough resources to fulfill requests). Liberate Science must make best efforts to provide answers to requests to a reasonable extent (e.g., privacy objections are taken into account and alternative ways to answer the request are considered).

3.1.D Responses to requests will be posted publicly in the Membership Area.

3.1.E The requester's identity will not be mentioned by Liberate Science.

3.2 You have the right to petition Liberate Science.

3.2.A Liberate Science is bound to respond to petitions by a collective of 50 supporting members or more.

3.2.B Responses to petition must occur in the same timeframe and procedure as for request for information set out in 3.1.

3.2.C A petition can include the call for a Special Assembly (see 4). If 3.2.A is activated, Liberate Science must schedule a Special Assembly if the most recent Special Assembly took place at least eight (8) weeks prior to the moment the petition is handed over. If a petition for a Special Assembly is made when less than eight weeks have passed prior to the petition then Liberate Science can choose to either schedule a Special Assembly or refuse the petition.

3.2.D If a petition calls for a Special Assembly, the petition must include a set of proposed agenda items and descriptions for each item.

3.3 Liberate Science must inform you of all acquisition offers that would result in shareholder changes of Liberate Science.

3.3.A If shares would be relinquished as a result of an acquisition (i.e., given to legal persons not currently or previously employed by Liberate Science), any supporting member has a unilateral right to call for a special majority vote by the community governance body (see 5) within 48 days. The results of this vote are binding.

3.3.B The preceding clause, 3.3.A , does not apply to transfers of shares to the Shuttleworth Foundation (SF Mauritius Ltd) or one of its subsidiaries, or successors.