Motivote will not sell your personal information to anyone, ever.

When you join Motivote through a partner organization, we share select information—such as your name and contact info—with the organization you join Motivote through. This is the organization that hosts the Voting Team you're a member of, whose name and branding you see on the platform. They may contact you to let you know about additional opportunities to get involved in their mission and provide support to get ready to vote.

We ask you for certain personal data to provide you with accurate information that helps you get ready to vote. For example, we ask for your address so we can identify your next election and birthday so we can easily check your voter registration status.

We also collect additional personal data from you to enable particular features within our platform. For example, when we ask you to select your voting method, we are using the state you entered when you shared your address in order to show you the methods available in your state.

For more information, please see our privacy policy.