SigmaValley provides a platform for Ergonauts to express themselves and aims to become a home for creative minds and crazy ideas

What is SigmaValley

SigmaValley is the first metaverse on the Ergo blockchain; it aims to be a caricaturesque and up-to-date visualization of the Ergo ecosystem. It was inspired by the Silicon Valley TV series Intro, and it allows all Ergonauts to own one or more plots on SigmaValley and help determine its present and future.

How it works

SigmaValley is shaped by its inhabitants, landlords and DAO token holders.

Get your land (Auction house)

Ownership of the land will be recorded through NFTs and over time the owners, as well as the inhabitants and DAO token holders, will have the chance to participate in the decision-making process that will affect the whole ecosystem. As the ecosystem will grow so will the possibilities for growth and development not just for the plot owners, but for the metaverse itself.


Connect with your wallet to upload custom models (See how it works)

Once an owner, you will be able to shape your plot by uploading custom models. The model file has to be in glb format and limited to 2MB; it is recommended to use low-poly models. If you like the idea of building your own little world, but lack the technical skills beyond buying the NFT, don’t worry! We’re always around to help you out- or point you in the right direction.


Engage with the community and shape SigmaValley (Telegram, Discord, Twitter)

While it’s true that community is important for any NFT project, in the case of SigmaValley that's more of a fact: SigmaValley is literally shaped by its inhabitants and community. It can be everything or nothing. Share your ideas in the community, vote with your ValleyDAO token; the best contributions and creations, the most avid participation will be rewarded- in glory and gratitude but also, who knows, perhaps something more.