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Our data platform addresses the specific pain points of analysts like us -- providing custom-built datasets and solutions that enable anyone to answer the questions that are important to protocols.

Below you will find the questions the Curve community is looking to solve for.

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You can create your own dashboard in Velocity directly, or you can extract the data via API.

πŸ’°Bounties FAQ

Payout for Elite questions: The first 25 correct submissions to an elite question will each receive a minimum of 64.43 CRV. Please note that we will pay out all submissions on Friday, September 24.

🌟 The best response to each question will receive the grand prize of 322.16 CRV.

πŸ† Free square question: The top 5 dashboards will be rewarded 515.46 CRV.

🌟 Those who complete both Curve and Curve + Yearn Bounties will receive a badge and be entered into a drawing to win an additional $100.

πŸ’΅ We will accept up to 25 submissions per question.

πŸ“Š Your final answer can take whatever form you’d like. It must answer the question, include a chart, and use our data! All submissions will be reviewed by our team and evaluated for accuracy and completeness.

⏰ Submit using this form! Submit by 11:59pm UTC/ 7:59pm EST on Wednesday 9/22.

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