When you have completed the assignment, please name the file in accordance with this naming pattern: [YOUR FULL NAME]-Assignment for [NAME OF THE ROLE THE ASSIGNMENT IS FOR] and upload it to **this dropbox.**

A lasso is a simple regional selection method where you can draw an enclosed area with a cursor. See example http://bl.ocks.org/skokenes/511c5b658c405ad68941

Your task is to create a simple photo editing demo webpage where the user can draw a lasso to brighten up the selected area of a photo.

  1. Have a load image button to load a custom user image.
  2. Have a slider to adjust the intensity of the brighten effect.
  3. Have a reset button to rest the brighten effect.
  4. Your lasso selection tool needs to automatically confirm a complete path or reject an incomplete path on mouse up.
  5. Use the canvas API to apply the effect