For this project, I researched a Rijksdaalder from 1607, made in Middelburg. It is a coin used in the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands (what we call nowadays the Netherlands) in the 17th-century. This page is an overview of all my sources and work done in class and at home.

Detail of coin.

Week 2 In class Activity

Mapping of Rijksdaalder GM4182 during week 2 of Fall Semester 2019

Details of mapping

Week 3 Homework

Disclaimer: Sources are in Dutch

Historical context of the coin. The playlist is quite long, I recommend skipping to nr. 10 and 11 for economical and cultural context.

Specific history of money in Zeeland and the establishment of the Zeeuwse coin. I added highlights and notes, however, the notes sadly cannot be opened but I'll try and find a way for them to be seen in the pdf file. Source: van de Zeeuwse Munt PDF.pdf

Why Big Data Needs Thick Data

Reading for the guest lecture.

Week 3 In Class Activity

Who, what, why, when, where, how

In today's class we had a guest lecture by Yassine Salihine. We discussed personal biases when visualising data. After the lecture, Yassine gave us an exercise to visualise our personal biases when asking questions. We created a who, what, why, when, where, how map of our objects.

Week 4 Homework