👋 Welcome to Pixyz Plugin For Unity 2021.1 features list.

The list comes with 2 different views: as a Gallery View and as simple List View (use the filter below to change the view).

Each feature is listed by category and contains Context / HowTo sections that quickly explain why / how to use it.

<aside> 🙌 For all runtime related use-case, we're finally rolling out our dedicated product, called Pixyz Loader, which is free and lets you import at runtime any .pxz file. 🚀


<aside> 📢 For the 2021.1 version, Pixyz Plugin has been revamped to gain stability. This means a potential update will be required in your Unity Apps if you were calling functions from code.


<aside> 🚩 Re-install your license: To access the 2021.1 version, you'll need to Re-install your license from your in-app License Manager (check documentation on how to). You'll be able to continue using the previous versions if needed. For floating license, please send a message to laurent.milon@unity3D.com



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