This voting system based on 3 entities that are connected:

Google Form → Google Form Response Sheet → Sheet2Site Sheet

To make it works you need to do 3 steps:

  1. Coping Google Form and Sheet2Site Sheet templates
  2. Edit a content of your site and Google Form voting options
  3. Create Sheet2Site site

Here is step by step instruction. You can do it :) If you need help message me in the chat

1. Coping Google Form and Sheet2Site Sheet

  1. Copy Google Form. Make a copy and save the url in some notes, because we will need it in future. Please just copy it NOT REQUST ACCESS TO EDIT!

  2. Create a Google Form Responses Sheet

    1. Switch to Responses tab

    2. Click on a green Google Sheet square in the right

    3. Create a new sheet

    1. Open created Google Form Responses sheet (pop up right bottom corner) and save url in some notes
  3. Copy of Sheet2Site Sheet. Make a copy

  4. Open this copied Sheet2Site Voting Sheet and switch to the responses tab