<aside> ℹ️ Some Assembly Required was published in November 2020.


This project would not have been possible without all of the people who have assembled with us over the years. What we've written on these (digital) pages are the things we've learned from experimenting with you. Your patience helped us grow and learn from our mistakes. Your brilliance turned junk into wonder and joy. Your dedication got us through tough days. Your curiosity made the impossible possible. Your contributions made Assemble. Assembling is a group effort, and this playbook is no exception. To all the Assemblers out there, thank you.

A Root + All project

Written with Nina Barbuto and Adeshewa Metzger

Photography by Ben Filio for Remake Learning

Additional photos by Christopher Sprowls for Remake Learning, and the countless Assemblers who took pictures along the way

Special thanks to Jess Gold for sharing her time and expertise

Special thanks to Bekezela Mguni for setting us up for success

Thanks to these Assemble teachers past and present for contributing their perspectives

Grace Alba

Anny Chen

Caroline Combemale

Jenna Gallant

Paige Hoffman

Louise Larson

Ani Martinez

Tom Ndiaye

Jayla Patton

Jameelah Mimi Platt

Ja'Sonta Roberts

Abigail Sanders

Anya Weitzman

LaToya Williams

Thanks to the 2020 Assemble Board for shepherding this project and our organization