1. Description.
    1. Deadlines.
    2. Cost.
  2. List Assets Hub
  3. How to get the service?
  4. FAQ.


Access to a Assets Hub with exclusive assets. Only latest versions of best assets. Unity assets, UE4 assets, high-quality 3D models. You may only use assets for personal and educational purposes.

Deadlines: access is provided within 48 hours after payment. New assets are added every month.

ATTENTION: Access to some of the assets is provided only according to this instruction

Cost: $ 15 - access per group per month. Free for VIP users.

List Assets Hub

How to get service?

  1. Go to Bot and go through a simple registration.
  2. Then follow in Bot: 🏠 Main Menu → 💼 Services → 🔐 Assets Hub → ➡️ UE Assets or ➡️ Unity Assets or ➡️ 3D Models → ➡️ Get Now
  3. Then follow Bot's prompts to get Service.


  1. Is it possible to get access to all three directions at once? - Yes, but you need to buy them independently of each other. Or get a VIP subscription and get all the assets for free!