Performance marketers and strategists have to deal with data incoming from multiple siloed sources such as - Ad channels (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram), Web Analytics (Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Omniture), App Analytics (Appsflyer, Adjust), Affiliate Channels (Smandex), CRMs, order management systems and billing solutions. They then have to manually collate all the information in an excel sheet, chalk it up against the spent and returns, and later export it to a visualisation platform like Tableau, Looker to make sense of the data. Drilling down / rolling up, finding relations across different sources of data across time periods becomes extremely non trivial. The challenge comes down to the fact that despite having internal data/BI teams building pipelines and visualisation tools to report on data; they do not provide the scale/flexibility that marketing data demands.

The insight into advertising spend and customer behaviour is necessary to make strategic decisions in product marketing and growth. The current process results in too much delay, unnecessary work, time wasted building pipelines, inflexibility, etc.

What Clarisights does?

Clarisights is a data ingestion and analytics platform that enables marketers to make sense of and gain unique insights from data coming in from all the sources. Our platform is a seamless in-browser experience - the users just add the sources (analytics, ads data) they want to track without plugging any SDKs, our backend automagically then ingests the data from all those sources, performs the necessary cleanup, joining, transformations, and stores it in our own database. All of this, without the user needing to configure any data pipelines.

Users can begin answering questions on their marketing data by building interactive visualizations, minutes after signing up. With Clarisights, marketers can build visualisations to answer questions like “What are my largest sources of traffic and what are the major cost sinkholes?” and then also quickly drill down into granular details like “What kind of ad copy has the least customer acquisition cost” or “Which ad creatives are driving the maximum RoI?”

What we are attempting to build is as intimidating as it is exciting. The number of moving parts that need to just work to deliver seamless reports is an engineering nightmare or an exciting challenge for engineering depending on who you ask.


Clarisights at Techstars '18 Berlin, Demo Day

Today, we stand at the most important and exciting juncture with the recent funding round which has given us enough ammunition to scale our GTM strategy to the US and Europe and expand our engineering team further. Here's what we've achieved so far:

  1. Acquired enterprise customers such as Uber, Delivery Hero, HelloFresh, Universal Music etc with an average ACV of $200K.
  2. $14M Series A funding led by Sequoia Capital India.

We've come this far with a small and nimble team of 20 folks, but we're now looking for some rockstars to join the team to leap forward.