<aside> 💡 Use this template to define your Google Analytics 4 tracking plan.

With it a marketing or product manager can clearly, consistently, and easily define all calls required to make your GA4 instance useful and help you fulfill your analytics goals.

It includes instructions for creating your plan, pre-defined calls common to most use-cases, and recommendations for maximizing the value of your GA4 instance.

The template helps you: 1. clearly define where event calls should happen and in what order 2. enforce consistent names for events, properties and traits 3. provide code examples to developers

After creating the tracking plan, you or your developers will be able to quickly implement the plan and start deriving insights from your data.

It will also serve as clear documentation of your analytics setup that you can easily update or share with others.


This is the Google Analytics 4 tracking plan for all our sites. Everything to do with our Google Analytics 4 tracking is defined here.

Need help creating your Tracking Plan? Get in touch.





<aside> 1️⃣ The point of analytics is to help us derive insights from data. Put the goals of your GA4 tracking plan at the top so you don’t forget them.



<aside> 2️⃣ Update the link with your GA4 property, and add your GA4 Data Streams.


🔗  Google Analytics Property

Data Streams

Tracking Events

Events are how we record any actions our users or visitors perform, along with any parameters that describe the action. Hover over the Name of an event and click OPEN to see its details. Go to the Events table directly to add and update events.

<aside> 3️⃣ Defining events is the bulk of the work in creating a tracking plan. When defining events, think about the actual thing that needs to be tracked like the user signed up instead of the user clicked the sign up button.

We’ve pre-defined recommended events for different use-cases like B2B SaaS apps and ecommerce stores.

Use the Specs column in the Events table to quickly remove events that aren’t relevant to your use-case. See the Specs table for details about each use-case.




User Properties


Here are the remaining tasks to complete the tracking plan.