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🚀 Enabling Teams Focus on Creating Value

Our story

We believe companies are the fuel for the economy and that they can only exist thanks to their incredible human capital. People are who come out with creative inventions, breakthrough strategies, and, simply, make things happen. Yet every day we see so much of this human potential wasted in repetitive tasks.

Transaction costs are the total costs of making a transaction, including the cost of planning, deciding, changing plans, resolving disputes, and after-sales —Wikipedia. If every person and business can leverage software to save them time and money in every single transaction, that's time and capital they could invest in creating value instead. In fact, just a 0.1% reduction in transaction costs quadruples a country’s wealthM Kovac and R Spruk (2015).

This is the type of software we want to build together at Fuell — one that helps companies spend less time and money enabling them to focus on the things most important to them. So Pompeii can focus on reinventing sustainable fashion, instead of expense management. So Aloha Poke can concentrate on delighting its customers, rather than keeping receipts.

We started with a design thinking process interviewing lots of companies to understand their biggest pains. Every company consistently wasted time and had little control over their expenses. What if we could create an all-in-one platform for banking, corporate cards, expenses, reconciliation, and accounting connected in a simple way?

That's how Fuell was born, set to innovate and simplify things in the growing fintech space. Sit tight, though. We’re still tiny relative to the opportunity. Expense management is just the tip of the iceberg! 🔥

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There are a few things we look for across all hires we make at Fuell, regardless of role.

🏆 First, we look for signals that a candidate will thrive in a culture like ours, where we default to trust, disrupt ourselves, and expect sustained high performance because we play like an Olympic team.

💞 Second, we expect the entire team's full commitment to our mission-focused approach to our work. We're building for the long-term.

🤙 Finally, we want to enjoy the ride. Good vibes and passion for everything we do are non-negotiable.

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