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Setup Notes Serverless PHP 8.0 Laravel on AWS Lambda using Bref

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Vue Mastery Courses Vue Mastery Team Get 50% off a year of Vue Mastery Courses - not only Vue.js but also Nuxt.js, I also know they have a parity discount for Asian countries just email them I have tried it when I was in PH
Test-Driven Laravel, Refactoring to Collections, Vue Component Design Adam Wathan I have read the Refactoring to Collections and not yet the other 2 courses. I might go for the Test-driven course next
“Complete Guide to CSS Flex and Grid” eBook! Code: “blackfriday” Shruti Balasa 50% off on all versions of “Complete Guide to CSS Flex and Grid” eBook! Code: “blackfriday” I bought this one on its full price but it is now on sale and is totally worth it.
Spatie Black Friday sale Spatie Team 30% off on all products/ebooks
FREE Laravel Performance Course Servers for hackers Team There are some super common reasons your Laravel app might be slow.This course shows you how to avoid speed issues with simple changes you can implement immediately.

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Tired of retyping your long command lines? Try aliasing! Wrote my first note about **Aliasing.**

> alias puf="vendor/phpunit/phpunit/phpunit --filter"

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