I rethink, redesign, and rebuild our relationships with computing devices.

Humans have an intimate relationship with the tools that they create. These tools have become the extension of Humans' mind and body, augmenting our collective ability and intelligence as a species. As our technology advances, so too does the capability and complexity of our tools. Some of our tools have grown to a point where it becomes neither intuitive to use nor accessible to the public. Sometimes, blames even fall on people for "not being tech savvy enough" to use some of the poorly designed tools.

My goal is to rethink, redesign, and rebuild the interaction between humans and computing devices. To achieve this end...

A little more about me

I am a Senior studying Computer Science at UC Berkeley, a startup founder, a software engineer, and a blogger.

I love human-computer interaction. I study how we can build better interfaces and how humans interact with those interfaces. Right now I am playing with Kirigami-based modular furnitures.

I also love software engineering & full-stack development. Last summer, I joined Facebook as a frontend engineering intern. I worked on improving the deployment experience and distilling the complicated algorithm-driven scheduling decisions into a human-friendly format.