User Acquisition: Additions of a new user to an application

Example: User Acquisition vs. Customer Acquisition [1]

Example: User Acquisition vs. Customer Acquisition [1]

Target Group

Our target group is data scientists, but also extends to anyone who can provide data to the platform, or is interested in earning data income.

Pick the Channels that Matter

  1. Twitter will be our primary outreach platform for finding new users.
  2. Geographic based sub reddits could also present a viable platform. (Specifically targeting areas with a high university presence.)
  3. We are going to create simple explained videos similar to cashapp and coinbase earn. These provide context not only for our platform, but the data economy as a whole. We aim for short and concise, but we'll made in order to maximise virality.
  4. LinkedIn data science groups contain active communities that we are going to interact with and provide guidance as Subject Matter Experts for the data economy.

Build Awareness and Anticipation

A wait list will be implemented to build anticipation for development and consistent marketing throughout the development process until launch. PAID marketing campaigns on twitter and an aggressive marketing strategy are in the works development starts to speed up.

Future discussions involve dentralizing the structure of Algovera and providing governance tokens for a possible DAO. An airdrop may be considered to kickstart user adoption.

Provide the "aha!" moment

Our simple explainer videos and website landing page will provide aha moments for folks when they realize the capabilities of Ocean Protocol and Algovera.