<aside> 💡 Mission: To leave an impression anytime people hear audio related to MakerDAO.



Stakeholders need updates to inform them of full updates from the Maker Protocol.

Our Audio focus provides 3 weekly, 2-5 minute updates distributed on popular podcasting channels, an RSS feed, and with visual aid on Youtube. This is done to provide a convenient alternative to written governance updates, which can be extensive and monotonous to read.

We also provide other audio services to aid in video production.


3 weekly updates distributed on Anchor.FM and the MakerDAO youtube channel.


People will tune in weekly for these updates, as well as to see what other new content is available.

Part of the vision is also to create more content on this platform that may provide other types of information and useful content. These would be things like deep dai-ves into changes or additions to the protocol or general community, educational content, and giving people an opportunity to meet and learn more about the maker community.


Voices of MKR - Relay

Ask MakerDAO Anything

What the World is Doing with DAI

Public Audio Assets