Learn to Draw

Where to Start

The basic principles I believe to be important when learning to draw is to study smart and doing that with active learning. These two videos/posts below explain what these concepts are and how you can apply them in the context of learning to draw anything.


   [Learn to Draw Fast](<https://www.notion.so/5a1640519018459fb56153f0c3e65f32>)

If you're entirely new to drawing, you might need to learn the very basic concepts before starting with figure drawing (the first topic in my How to Study series). There are two resources I really like that promote active learning, so I couldn't recommend them more.


Drawabox was vital to getting me into the right mindset to study and learn art step by step. Learn the basics of form and perspective and so much more. There's so much knowledge shared by Uncomfortable, I'm sure you'll learn something knew even if you're not a beginner.


Brad's Art School is a channel on Youtube about the basics of drawing. This one is more lighthearted and simple, so it might be a good way to start. I still think you should check Drawabox though because nothing can replace all you can learn there.

How to Draw

     Best Resources and Exercises

Listed below are all the videos / posts in my ongoing "How to Draw" series, where I gather the best resources and exercises I've found and show how to study each art fundamental or subject. New videos / posts added every week!

#1 How to Study Figure Drawing - Gesture guide / figure

#1.5 Exercises for Figure Drawing - Gesture demonstration / figure

#2 How to Study Figure Drawing - Form guide / figure

#2.5 ****Exercises for Figure Drawing - Form **** demonstration / figure