ETHGlobal events are community hackathons intended for collaboration and learning. We value the participation of each member and want all attendees to have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Accordingly, all attendees are expected to show respect and courtesy to other attendees throughout the duration of the hackathon. To make clear what is expected, all attendees and other participants at this hackathon are required to conform to the following Rules & Code of Conduct - Organizers will enforce this code throughout the duration of event.

Rules on Pre-existing Work

You should not be working on their projects before the event officially begins. This includes coding, designing assets etc. Each hack submission will be judged solely on the quality of the work completed during the duration of the hackathon.

We do not allow participants to submit pre-existing projects - you may start working on your project once hacking officially begins on Friday - 19th March 2021 at 12pm ET (noon).

If you use pre-existing code in your project, you need to disclose all information in your submission. If, upon inspection, you present work that appears to have been completed before the hackathon began that you did not disclose, you will need to explicitly point out how your new work differs from old work.

NOTE: Historically, projects that use a majority of pre-existing work do not score as high in the judging as projects which present wholly new and novel approaches - the whole point of this hackathon is to create.


Hackers are required to stake cryptocurrency to claim their spot to participate in this event. Staking your spot is a great incentive to get people committed to seeing the hackathon through and submitting something by the end. If you need to chat to us about anything regarding your stake - feel free to reach out to any member from the ETHGlobal team!

Stakes are returned to hackers so long as hackers submit their project before the submission deadline. If you feel ****you didn't complete your hack - we do accept partial or incomplete hacks and you will still be eligible for your stake being returned.

Code of Conduct

ETHGlobal events are places for creative collaboration, learning, and sharing. We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and other negative behaviour at our events.