Talk to your government

Call or email your government officials and members of parliament. Ask them to:

You can just copy the following message or read it out loud over the phone:

<aside> ✉️ Hello,

I am writing you as a voter and a concerned citizen. I am sure that you are aware of the recent attack Russia carried out on the cities of Ukraine.

This situation is unacceptable in the modern world and I feel that we as a country should provide an immediate response to Russian military aggression. I strongly feel that we should:

Attend a rally to support Ukraine

The schedule of all upcoming rallies in your country can be found here. All times are local.

Ask online services to restrict Russian users

Message support at Netflix, Steam, Playstation Network, Amazon, Tinder, Apple Music, Spotify, and ask them to restrict people with Russian IP addresses from using their platforms.

Here’s a message template:

<aside> ✉️ Hello, As I am writing this, Russian armed forces are sieging Kyiv and many other cities in Ukraine. They are bombing civilians’ houses and killing civilians with rockets and bullets.

I am asking you to restrict residents of Russia from using your service - this will be yet another step to make them stop supporting their government.

I realize that you may lose money as a result, but Ukrainians are losing their home, relatives, and friends as you are reading this. You can help them. Please, do. Thank you in advance!”


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Tinder: / /