All images (except banners) should ideally be close to a portrait 2:3 ratio.

Volume covers for manga and light novels - and many key illustrations for anime - aren't an exact 2:3 ratio, however, they should be uploaded untouched.


  1. In digital works if the site doesn't have a cover for the work, but a visual can be found in the first chapter, the visual should be cropped vertically to fit the 2:3 ratio.

<aside> ⚠️ WARNING In some cases, this might mean the cover will not include a title.


  1. Some digital publishers only use horizontal covers (i.e. BOMTOON). In such cases, the cover can be rotated and/or cropped to fit the 2:3 ratio. This includes visuals that have an empty background or a clear crop area close to 2:3. If the image does not fit these guidelines, it should be uploaded untouched.