Follow our team as we prepare, travel, and serve alongside Project Mañana in Santiago de los Caballeros this July!

Day 4


Today’s schedule was very different than the other days of the trip. We started the morning by visiting the Monumento de Santiago, also called the “Monument to the Heroes of the Restoration”. It’s located on top of a tall hill in the middle of the city of Santiago, & includes statues of many important historical figures. I noticed that 4 of the statues were someone named Jose. There’s also a big metal object that’s part of the monument that I thought was a time capsule, but we learned it was actually an Olympic torch. After we enjoyed the view for a while, we went back to the guesthouse for lunch. We had rice & beans & chicken, which I love. It’s like red beans & rice, but the 2.0 version. The afternoon was pretty chill, lots of people took naps & we played several board games. Then everyone took showers & got ready because this week, church was at night. The last Sunday of every month, they switch to a night time church service because some people in the community won’t come to a morning service. So by switching to an evening service, they can reach more people. Church was different than at home because it was in Spanish the whole time, but we did have Johan to translate the sermon for us. It was also very loud & distracting outside across the street. But it was cool to see that they worshipped the same God & read the same Bible just like we do. After the church service, a couple of us found heaven in a shack behind the church: it was a fan on a full-circle rotation. It was amazing.

-Wilson Kanaday, team member








Day 4