Welcome to the eLibrary of resources for the Jointing Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage Virtual Learning Exchange on Patient Pathways and Pandemics: Covid-19 and Beyond (previously titled Covid-19: Triaging the Patient Journey). This elibrary was constructed and populated by the Facilitation Team of Aceso Global together with participants of the Learning Exchange.

The library is organized into three tiers using the following structure: (1) By Workstream (Covid / non-Covid), then (2) By facility type (hospital, PHC etc), then (3) by document type (protocols and toolkits / evidence and analysis).

To find what you need, simply click through the folders, which will have summary information and highlights about the resources they contain at the top, and then a list of links to specific PDFs and webpages below that.

Click one of the two workstream folders to get started...

Covid-19 Resources (Workstream A)

Maintaining Essential Services Resources (Workstream B)

If you wish to contribute a resource to the eLibrary, simply send it through to Esteban Bermudez from the Technical Facilitation Team at ebermudez@acesoglobal.org.

If you wish to access the slides and video presentations from the workshops, please click here:

Workshop A1, A2, B1 & B2 Resources

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