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This website used to include resources from my in-progress and past activism. For now, it has been slightly modified to better support the needs identified by my communities during these difficult times. This website was attempted to be written in plain language, but was written during my slow and nonlinear process of healing from burn out, so the full complexities may not be held via its communication. Please find resources below that are helping me navigate. Maybe these resources can assist you, too.

Are you having trouble?

For now, let us slow ourselves down, try to help each other (safely and realistically), and remember that we ARE worthy of meeting our basic needs, even if it's in ways now that don't meet our usual standards.

Check out these resources (not in any specific order):

Deanna Parvin Yadollahi’s 10 Affirmations of Disability Justice

Some affirmations I have been developing for myself over time: