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  2. How to Sign Up for a Non-custodial Wallet
  3. How to Connect Your Non-custodial Wallet to Dtravel
  4. How to Switch from the Ethereum Network to the BSC Network on Dtravel
  5. How to Connect Your Dtravel Listing to Your Hostaway Account
  6. How Dtravel Deploys a Smart Contract When You List a Property
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  8. How to Withdraw Your Crypto to Fiat
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This guide provides instructions on how to switch between two blockchain networks — Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain (BSC) — to view and manage guest payments.

Why Do I Have to Switch Networks?

The TRVL token exists on both the Ethereum network and BSC network. This provides token holders with access to a wider range of applications and services across both networks.

Dtravel’s smart contracts — used to facilitate booking payments between hosts and guests — are built exclusively on the BSC network, which is faster and cheaper than the Ethereum network.

By default, your MetaMask wallet is connected to the Ethereum network. To view and manage the payments you receive from guests, the BSC network must be selected within your Dtravel account.

Check the Connected Network

Before you can switch networks, you must have a wallet connected to your Dtravel account. If you haven’t done so already, visit our previous guide on how to connect your non-custodial wallet to Dtravel for step-by-step instructions.

Once your wallet is connected, you should see the following information on the bottom left of your account homepage:

  1. your connected wallet address (public key); and
  2. the network you’re connected to.

If this shows “Ethereum Mainnet”, you’ll need to switch to the BSC network using the instructions in this article. If you haven’t connected to BSC within your Dtravel account before, you’ll also notice a step under “Getting started” on the right side of the page that displays this as an outstanding task.


How to Add or Switch Networks Using MetaMask Wallet