What I can do with this integration

With the Droyd <> Delighted integration, you will be able to create metrics using any Delighted metrics, sorted on a period.

How to connect to ChartMogul?

  1. In Droyd, go to the Integrations page and then New app.
  2. Click on Delighted → Connect.
  3. Give the app a name and add your Delighted API Key. You can obtain it in the Delighted app under Settings > API.
  4. Test your connexion in Droyd and Save. That's it!

Creating Metrics

Delighted metrics are imported directly into Droyd.

Just select the object you are interested in, then pick the KPI and period:




Once this is done, save your metric and Droyd will compute it.

You can now add this metric to an existing report and send it to Slack.

Pro tip: combine metrics from Delighted and other Data sources in your Slack reports, and build amazing scorecards to align your team.